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Baseball Essential is looking for aspiring writers with a passion for baseball.

Founded in 2012, Baseball Essential has rapidly grown to be one of the largest online baseball networks. Built by a team of passionate baseball fans, we have grown to become the best source for news, rumors, analysis, and opinions about the game of baseball.

Baseball Essential is an expanding network expanding focused on on delivering coverage of majors, minors, high school, college, and the amateur draft.

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Baseball Essential is read by millions of unique visitors per year.


Meet other fans and writers who love baseball as much as you do.


Exposure, media access to professional teams, and the opportunity to make a little money.

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Articles published on have been featured on Fox Sports, NBC Sports, New York Daily News, National Post, The Huffington Post, MLB Network, CBS Sports, and Yahoo! Sports — just to name a few. And occasionally, Cubs announcer Len Kasper spends a few minutes talking about our articles:

Baseball Essential is composed of a dedicated, passionate staff. You will meet other avid students of the game with similar interests as yourself and quickly discover a place of belonging in our tightly-knit network.

Baseball Essential connects players, writers, and fans to a multimedia platform. Podcasts and radio shows are common events throughout the regular season and garner a lot of attention. As a media outlet, Baseball Essential holds press access to a wide range of teams in professional baseball. The opportunity to cover games for the network is truly an unforgettable experience.

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